Flower by Chisa

Corporate customers

We can provide your business with top brand Japanese products. Please check our latest catalogue links below then simply email us and we will send you an order form. Once the form is complete simply email it back and we will process your order.

To save you time and money we can provide you with exclusive Flowerbychisa.com designs, finished, preserved flower gifts for you to sell on directly to your customers at competitive prices.

Preserved Flower products last one to two years making them much more effective than fresh flowers for you to manage. Please contact us for a quote.


Private customers

For private individuals we can supply you with all the Preserved flowers and accessories you need to develop your own designs. 

Our 'Starter Kit' will give you everything you need to begin at home and we can provide you with all the  individual flowers and accessories that you require.

Sample Order...

3 Roses, 2 Carnations, 1 vase and floral foam, or ten boxes of your favourite flower.

Please send us an email to receive your order form via email.

If you would like help to create even more professional designs, why not look at our School page to see our range of courses and how we can help you.