Flower by Chisa

Le Gazelle

Chisa Eardley

"Le Gazelle"

Preserved flower design for your private jet cabin.

We wish you all safe and happy travels for this festive season. 

This preserved flower arrangement is named after the French helicopter. 
Light and agile yet strong and durable our designs will last for hours and hours at altitude making them ideal for your cabin needs.

Based in Tung Chung Hong Kong we can deliver to the HKBAC or anywhere else in HK and are here to support you.

Contact us at flowerbychisa.com

The winter collection

Chisa Eardley

Preserved Flower (保鮮花) gift/lesson

Hello Everyone, 

I would like to share our winter collections for home/office decoration.

One day lesson - An opportunity to learn preserved flower arrangement on a holiday season design.  I am happy to help you create your own wreath and candle arrangement.

Lesson duration approx. 2-3 hours or more. 

<Candle arrangement>

With preserved roses and preserved green 

Size 18cm Hight 30cm  

Lesson fee 480HKD

<Christmas wreath>

Preserved green you can enjoy to decorate with our collection of special Christmas items. 

Diameter 20-23cm 

Lesson fee 530HKD 

Diameter 25-28cm 

Lesson fee 630HKD


Our lesson schedules are flexible so please let us know your preferred dates (between 2 Nov to 11 Nov or from 1 Dec ~ ) and the time (weekends also available ).

More than 3 people and I can come to your convenient place, home or office in Tung Chung for the lesson. 

Gift wrapped and delivery free in Tung Chung, Hong Kong.

Please contact for more information. 

We look forward to hearing from you and making a special gift for the Christmas period.

Trial class and fun time with beautiful ladies!

Chisa Eardley

Each arrangement was gorgeous with lots of character.

Let's share learning with your colleagues or friends with preserved flower lesson in Tung Chung, Hong Kong and you can chose the colour of the flowers to create own arrangement.

For parties of three or more I can come to your home or office anywhere in Hong Kong.


Preserved flower Summer door wreath

Chisa Eardley

Lesson/Gift order

Please contact hello@flowerbychisa.com
with your preferred date and time for a class, or if you prefer to place an order we can deliver to your home or office.

The Wreath size is 25-28cm in diameter with preserved gerbera ( which looks like a sunflower! ), eucalyptus,green leaves and rattan base. 

A nice fresh, simple design for the warm summer months

Honeymoon Surprise

Chisa Eardley

We had the pleasure of helping a wonderful new husband surprise his beautiful bride with a surprise Preserved Flower Lesson on the 1st of April. The young lady had no idea about the class, but with a special hand made note and small gift, she soon realised the lesson was just for her.

With a love of flowers both her and her husband had a great lesson and created some beautiful flowers to take away. A long lasting momento from the honeymoon and time in Hong Kong.