Flower by Chisa


About Chisa

Chisa Eardley was born and raised in Fuji city, Shizuoka Japan.

From a young age she was taught the ancient art of Ikebana by her grandmother, a Sogetsu master. 

Chisa studied abroad during university and travelled extensively as cabin crew with legacy airline ANA, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines and in the exclusive world of business aviation.

Chisa has been fortunate to experience many different cultures, countries and flora and fauna from around the world. Her natural curiosity and flair for design have seen her complete a Diploma in preserved flower arranging by her master, Ms Koike from Hanahasu Hong Kong.

Launching her bespoke flower design and arrangement business whilst teaching the art of preserved flower arrangement, Flower by Chisa is uniquely placed to provide a bespoke multilingual service in Hong Kong and abroad. Currently studying Cantonese, Chisa is fluent in Japanese and English allowing her to share her passion for flowers and design with people from all over the world.